Monday, 17 September 2012

happy for them..

Alhamdulillah..happy to hear a good news from nia and reen..masa diorg to get their own baby dah sgt teruja dengar berita diaorg..waiting for our turns pulak..sooo happy for them..

finally Allah answer their prayers..they deserve to get this miracle new afters many many EFFORT they made..mcm  reen punya tagline in her blog.. "A Battle Against Infertility" ..usaha & terus usaha sampai berjaya..all the efforts is now worth it...Allah pun menilai seseorang berdasarkan USAHA dia..nia berjaya to get pregnant secara natural after many years of treatment & supplements...& reen via  frozen embryo transfer (FET) after failures in 4th cycle of IVF..reen sgt kuat & tabah !! and both of them also having pcos like sy makin bersemangatlah nak teruskan ttc ni..i believed that pcos people aslo can have our own baby..chaiyok!!

i should learn from them not to give effort sooooo little..and i should put more effort & struggle much more to fight against infertility..dengan izin Allah..that good news also will be mine ;)..insyaAllah