Wednesday, 3 October 2012

givers gain

nak sambung lagi happy dari entry yg lepas..lama dah entri ni dok dalam draft ni..

happy sgt untuk Jay ..dia pun dah berjaya pregnant juga..naturally without med..just jaga makan semua..kenapa teruja sy sgt ehh..sbb sy pun mcm dia..non-obese PCOS..insyaAllah nak cuba apa yg J dah term of eat healthy food & apply whatever tips yang dia share at her blog..kena tekat gak ni..

those who read her blog will notice so many tips & knowledge that she shared with us at her diligent and struggle the effort that she put in searching for the information to make sure she have better understanding on her body..and to know the effect from all the supplement & medicine that she consume..dan mcm2 lagi laa info yg dia share..sgt rajin ok..

so, my conclusion is..sharing is caring dan inilah erti pada memberi..u get what u give..
as givers, she gain and deserve to this miracle news ;)